Advantedj is a collection of investment insights, where each insight is called an Edj.

We track the performance of every Edj and our contributors are ranked based on the performance of their Edjes. The calculation is done daily.

View Edjes of our top contributors, best performing Edjes or the most popular Edjes. A brief information of every Edj and its contributor is available.

Detailed information of the Edj can be accessed when you subscribe to it. There are no upfront or hidden fees. However, there is a minimum subscription period of 1 month per Edj after which you can unsubscribe at any time.

After you have subscribed, do set your own personalised alerts on how your Edj is doing in the Settings page.

Each Edj (pronounced “edge”) is a basket of 5 to 10 securities. Every Edj is independently created and reviewed by the Advantedj team before it is made available to other members.

Detailed information of each Edj include:

  • Individual securities in the Edj
  • Historical performance
  • Financial ratios
  • Target return
  • Analyst calls

There is no limit on the number of Edjes you can subscribe. However, you would need to maintain a minimum credit balance of S$20 per Edj.

Subscription fee is S$3 per day charged only after the Edj has

  • performed positively; and
  • the Edj Index is above its Highwater Mark.

Both conditions need to be met.


Day 00, Edj index is 100.10. Day you subscribe.
Day 01, Edj index is 102.00. Positive performance > Highwater Mark, S$3 is charged.
Day 02, Edj index is 101.50. Negative performance, No charge.
Day 03, Edj index is 101.90. Positive performance < Highwater Mark, No charge.
Day 04, Edj index is 102.80. Positive performance > Highwater Mark, S$3 is charged.


From Day 00 to Day 04,

  • Performance of Edj is 2.70%
  • Total fees you payed is S$6.00.

Every Edj on creation date has an index value of 100.00.

Thereafter an index of 102.00 indicates that the Edj has 2.00% positive performance since creation date. Conversely, an index of 98.00 would indicate that the Edj has 2.00% negative performance.

On creation date, Edj index is 100.00. Thereafter the Current Edj Index is

  • [Total Edj value_Current] / [Total Edj value_initial] * 100


  • [Total Edj value_current] is the total value of all the underlying securities in the Edj, calculated at end of each trading day. Weekends and non-trading days are not taken into consideration.
  • [Total Edj value_initial] is the total value of all the underlying securities in the Edj at creation date.

A Highwater Mark is the highest peak in value that an investment fund or account has reached. In this case, its the highest level of the Edj Index since your subscription.

Yes you can. Every new Edj will first be reviewed by the Advantedj team. This usually takes not more than 2 working days. Do write in to us if you are keen to be a contributor.

You will receive up to 70% of subscription fees earned from the Edjes you contribute. Payments are credited to your Advantedj account around the last weekday of each month.

There are 4 levels of ratings:

  • Newbie,
  • Experienced (1-star),
  • Expert (2-star), and
  • Guru (3-star).

The ratings are a reflection of the Contributors track record and takes into account the
following factors:

  • Number of Edjes contributed
  • Performance of Edjes contributed

A higher rated Contributor means his/her Edjes are consistently delivering positive

To avoid unnecessary disruption to your Advantedj experience, we offer the service to deduct the minimum balance required automatically.

You will be notified and unsubscribed from all your current Edjes.

Advantedj uses Stripe to process payments, together with millions of other online merchants globally.

Advantedj does not record any credit card details. Instead, the data is sent directly to Stripe. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Write in to us with your bank details and we will process it within 7 days. Terms and conditions apply.

We are currently working with local brokerage firms to offer a seamless experience to invest into Edjes. Please bear with us as we work to bring you this service in the coming months.

In the meantime, should you wish to invest into the Edjes, do drop us a note for assistance. Thank you for your patience.

Editors Picks are the safest, fastest and easiest to get started on your investing journey. No time wasted on filling up forms or reading research.

Simply subscribe to one of the Editors Picks and share the gains with other subscribers. You will not bear any loss if there is negative performance.

What’s the catch? Subscription is limited for each Editors Picks so you have to be fast.

Terms and conditions apply.


Feel free to contact our support team. We want to hear from you.